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Ultimate Speed and Forgiveness: Cobra LTDx Max Driver Review

cobra ltdx max black driver

Cobra has always been known for their ability to deliver drivers with extreme forgiveness to the golf industry. While golfers of all levels could use this driver, the LTDx Max driver was made to help high handicaps get the most they possibly can off the tee box.

In this post, we’ll discuss the features of the LTDx Max driver as well as the pros and cons, lofts, and stock shafts and grips. So if you’re considering purchasing the Cobra LTDx Max driver, stick around to find out if it’s right for you!

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Features of the Cobra LTDx Max Driver

PWR-COR Technology

PWR COR technology is a multi material weight design that positions the majority of the weight low and forward on the clubhead. These added 10 grams help the club produce exceptional ball speed and low spin.

Increased ball speed will undeniably help improve distance with your driver, and low spin helps to increase forgiveness on every hit.

CNC Milled Infinity Face

Cobra drivers over the past few years have included a CNC Milled Infinity face, and the LTDx Max is no exception. CNC machining helps to improve the sweet spot on the club, providing faster ball speeds over a larger section of the club face.

Another great feature is that the face wraps around the leading edge of the driver. This makes the club more appealing at address, while also providing some alignment aid.

Multi-Material Construction

Cobra’s multi material construction of the LTDx Max driver has resulted in discretionary weight being developed, which is how they were able to implement the PWR COR technology.

The Cobra LTDx Max features a carbon fiber crown and sole plate, along with a strong titanium chassis that produces massive weight savings. This helped Cobra add more weight low and forward, helping maximize ball speed on every drive.

H.O.T. Face Technology

The H.O.T. (Highly Optimized Topology) Face Technology is yet another way Cobra was able to increase ball speeds in the LTDx Max driver with machine learning. This features implements a new variable thickness across the clubface to create faster ball speed in more areas of the face.

This variable face thickness will help players of all skills generate even more ball speed with this Cobra driver, helping you add even more distance to more shots.

Adjustable Weighting and Hosel

The Cobra LTDx Max driver has two adjustable weights on it(10g and 3g). They are interchangeable with each other and depending on the location of each, you can either have a draw bias or neutral ball flight.

Positioning the heavier weight near the heel will give you a draw bias to help fight off slices, while keeping the 10 gram weight central will provide the most forgiveness on every hit.

Maximum draw bias can be included by adjusting the hosel. However, if you want to add a fade bias or increase/decrease the loft, this can all be done using the hosel too.

Pros and Cons


  • Fast ball speeds

  • Exceptional forgiveness

  • Greater total distance

  • Cheaper than some other drivers on the market


  • Slightly higher spin

  • Not as new compared to other drivers on the market

As you can quite clearly tell from the features of this club, the Cobra LTDx Max driver offers incredibly fast ball speeds. The lighter clubhead will also help you increase your swing speed, helping you gain even more distance.

The LTDx Max driver is also very forgiving, which is important for many players. The high launch and low CG of this driver help players get the ball up in the air.

We all know that one of the most satisfying parts of playing golf is hitting a bomb off the tee box that outdrives all your friends, and this driver could certainly help you do this. The large sweet spot will help you keep the ball straight while the fast ball speeds will help you hit it far.

Although the spin of this club is not high, it is still increased when compared to the other LTDx drivers. Higher spin can sometimes make it easier to slice or hook the ball, but it can also help you get the beautiful high launch you’re chasing.

Additionally, the Cobra LTDx Max driver is not the newest on the market considering it was released in 2022, and this review is written in 2023.

While the newest releases from Cobra and other manufacturers may have some new features that help you gain more distance and forgiveness, the LTDx Max is still a great driver that will offer you substantial distance and forgiveness.

Plus, being a year old means the price has been reduced, which makes this a more viable option if you are on a strict budget.

cobra ltdx max black driver

Stock Shafts and Grip

The Cobra LTDx Max driver has three stock shaft options. The first is the Project X HZRDUS Smoke iM10 60. It is offered in a stiff or regular flex and has mid launch and spin.

The second option is the Projext X HZRDUS Smoke RDX Blue 60. This shaft comes in a stiff or extra-stiff flex, with mid launch and low spin.

Finally, the last option is the UST Helium Nanocore. You can buy this shaft in a regular or lite (senior) flex, and both flexes have a high launch and spin.

When choosing the right shaft to use, be mindful of your swing speed. If you have a fast swing speed of over 95 mph, then you could use a stiff or extra-stiff shaft flex. However, if you’re swing speed is slow, you should use a regular or senior flex.

Using a shaft flex that is too stiff for your swing speed will result in a lot of inconsistency. You’ll constantly find yourself stuck with poor launch, mishits, less distance, and outright shanks.

So just makes sure to be aware of where your swing speed stands to make sure you can optimize this club to maximize your game.

As for the stock grip, Cobra offers the Lamkin Crossline for the LTDx Max. Having a good grip can help boost your confidence, which in return will help lower your scores. However, it may cost you a couple extra bucks to do so.


The Cobra LTDx Max driver has lofts of 9, 10.5, and 12 degrees, which is standard for most drivers. When deciding which loft to buy, make sure you consider the ball flight you want.

Quite obviously, 9 degrees will give you the lowest ball flight and 12 degrees will launch the ball high in the air, with 10.5 degrees falling right in the middle.

Personally, I would choose to use 10.5 degrees. A driver with 9 degrees of loft can be less forgiving because it is much more difficult to launch the golf ball. On the other hand, a drivers with 12 degrees of loft can launch the ball too high, which can decrease the distance of the club.

Another reason I would choose to use 10.5 degrees for this LTDx Max driver is because the hosel is adjustable by up to 1.5 degrees in each direction. This means that if the standard loft of your driver is 10.5 degrees, it can be adjusted to 9 or 12 as well.

Who should use the Cobra LTDx Max driver?

Although I do believe anyone could use this driver and see great benefits, it definitely is the best fit for high handicappers and beginners. It has tons of forgiveness to help you keep the ball straight on heel and toe contact.

The LTDx Max is also engineered to help players build more swing speed, which is something many high handicap golfers struggle with.

If you are a high handicapper or even beginner golfer looking for a driver that will give you a larger hitting zone for more accuracy as well as increased speed, then definitely check out the Cobra LTDx Max driver.


Low Handicappers

For low handicappers, I would recommend checking out the Cobra LTDx LS driver. The LTDx LS has less forgiveness, as well as low launch and lower spin.

Since players with low handicaps already have a solid swing that doesn’t require much forgiveness, the focus is now on controlling your shots and trying to reduce spin to gain extra yards

The low launch and spin of this club will result in faster speed and more roll out, increasing your overall distance.

The LTDx LS driver also include two adjustable weights, however they are both positioned low and forward in the clubhead. This feature in particular is what will help players control their ball flights with ease.

Mid Handicappers

Moving into mid handicappers, I would also recommend one of the LTDx drivers, which is simply named the Cobra LTDx driver. This club falls right in the middle of the three LTDx drivers and provides players medium launch, low spin, and decent forgiveness.

The mid handicap range can sometimes be an awkward one, as you are starting to ween out of game improvement golf clubs and shift towards performance clubs. This club will fit you perfectly though, because it truly is the “bridge” in this LTDx driver lineup.

Out of the three, the LTDx driver results in maximum distance and maximum stability. This club has zero CG and 5200 MOI, resulting in incredible speed that will increase your carry distance greatly.

At the same time, it still offers more forgiveness than the LTDx LS driver, which will help you out on an occasional mishit. However, it is more workable than the LTDx Max, so you can learn how to add shape onto your shots.

High Handicappers

If you’re a high handicapper, then I’d highly suggest checking out the Cobra Aerojet Max driver. This new driver has all the features of the LTDx Max, but also includes additional draw bias.

Having a slight draw bias can be helpful, because the most common mishit – especially for drivers – is a slice. This draw bias will help counter your slice and produce straighter, more accurate shots off the tee.

cobra ltdx max black driver crown


We’ve reached the end of the Cobra LTDx Max driver review, and it must be said that this driver is one of the top options for high handicap golfers. It has extreme forgiveness and a high launch, all while keeping spin relatively low and creating fast speeds.

This club is a perfect balance for any player looking for a forgiving club that won’t sacrifice any distance or spin. Cobra Golf has impressed me once again with this club, and if you’re testing drivers then I suggest giving this one a shot.

As always, thank you for giving our review a read and feel free to reach out if you have any questions! We hope this review provided you the information you were after!

Happy golfing!


Is Cobra LTDx Max forgiving?

The Cobra LTDx Max driver is the most forgiving option out of the LTDx drivers. This driver has the highest launch, which will help players get the ball up in the air.

The LTDx Max driver also includes two adjustable weights; one on the heel and one near the back of the clubhead. If you are wanting more draw bias to help fight a slice, then position the heavier weight near the heel.

On the other hand, if you have a hook or simply want a neutral ball flight, the heavier weight should be near the back.

What's the difference between Cobra LTDx and LTDx Max?

The biggest difference between the Cobra LTDx and LTDx Max drivers is that the LTDx is engineered for distance, while the LTDx Max is made for forgiveness.

While the LTDx driver still offers high forgiveness, this club will have greater distance because it has lower spin and a mid launch.

Comparatively, the LTDx Max driver has extreme forgiveness and mid spin, which results in a high launch but sacrifices some distance.

Is the Cobra LTDx any good?

The Cobra LTDx drivers are all great clubs, even a year after their release. The LTDx LS driver will provide low handicaps with the speed, distance, and control they need to remain competitive.

For mid handicappers, the LTDx driver will offer the longest distance while still being forgiving on the few mishits you may have in a round. It will also simultaneously help you learn how to add shape onto your shots, which becomes more important as your handicap drops.

Finally, the LTDx Max driver is a great option for high handicap or beginner golfers. It has the most forgiveness and slightly higher spin for a better launch angle.

The increased spin will slightly take away from some distance, but when you see your golf balls flying straight down the fairway more often I’m sure you’ll be content with losing a few yards.

Is Cobra LTDx driver good for high handicappers?

The Cobra LTDx drivers all offer some level of forgiveness, but the LTDx Max will provide the most benefit to high handicappers. This club has substantial forgiveness to help keep your golf balls in play off the tee.

The Cobra LTDx Max also generates fast ball speeds, and although it is not the longest out of the LTDx drivers, it will still provide impressive distance.

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