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Titleist TSi Drivers Review – Everything you need to know

Whether you’re competing on the PGA Tour or in a league at your local course, everyone loves having a driver that you feel confident with. Rather than stepping up to the tee box trembling and worrying you’ll lose yet another ball, you should be calm and ready to crush one down the fairway.

If you’re in need of a new driver, keep reading to find out if one of the Titleist TSi drivers is right for you.

Titleist TSi Drivers Reviews

Titleist drivers have impressed for many years and are always considered to be amongst the best drivers released each year. With the new TSi drivers released, Titleist has managed to maintain their standards, if not raise them.

These clubs are great for a wide range of players and are designed to deliver maximum distance off the tee.

Similarities of each driver

ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium Clubface

These new Titleist drivers also come with a new clubface material that is quite different that conventional titanium alloys. They pride themselves on producing and using this rare form of titanium, which successfully delivers faster ball speeds across the entire face. As we know, increased ball speed means greater distance, which something every player is constantly in search of.

Increased Aerodynamics

The Titleist TSi drivers have managed to increase their aerodynamics, which will reduce drag and has many benefits for golfers. Better aerodynamics results in faster swing speeds, something beginners and high handicappers can struggle with.

This can also help build more consistent launch, as well as help in maintaining ball speed. When you add these elements together, it amounts to even more added distance, which is the key feature of the TSi drivers.

The renovated design of the TSi drivers also squares the club face at impact, giving you increased confidence on your tee shot.

Multi-Dimensional Stability

Titleist thought outside the box when they imagined the MOI for these drivers. Instead of focuses only on inertia for out-to-in forgiveness, they have thought about the entire club.

The increased MOI across the entire club provides forgiveness on every shot. Whether it’s a hook or a slice, the high MOI design will give you more confidence when you have these drivers in your hands.

This inertia design has managed to improve speed and spin rates, which will help reduce the severity of mishit, specifically off the toe and heel.

Adjustable Hosel and Weight

Each of these new Titleist TSi drivers provide you the opportunity to adjust the hosel and weight. This allows you to diversify the club’s settings for what fits you best.

Adjusting the hosel can have two results. The first would be decreasing or increasing the loft. You would typically change this if you are unhappy with your launch angle or distance stats.

The second possible result would be changing the ball flight. If you are struggling with hooks and are closing the face too much, you could set it to a fade bias which opens the clubface, and vice versa if you struggle with slices. Having the ability to change your shot shape can be very important and useful to golfers.

Adjustable weighting can help to fix various issues like clubhead speed and swing path. This will help remove mishits from your game and can give you more ball speed and an optimal ball flight, along with other ideal elements.

Now let’s get into what makes each driver unique.

Titleist TSi1 Driver

Titleist TSi1 Driver
Titleist TSi1 Driver Side Profile
Titleist TSi1 Driver Clubface
Titleist TSi1 Driver Clubhead

Image Credit: Global Golf

Loft: 9°, 10°, 12°

Lie Angle: 58.5°

Head Size: 460cc

Length: 45.75”

Stock Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360°

Stock Shafts: Aldila Ascent UL

The Titleist TSi1 driver is designed to be incredibly lightweight. Titleist carefully placed the weight across the clubhead to create maximum speeds for more distance. They have strategically placed the CG deep and central in the club, providing high launch and mid spin, along with forgiveness.

Since this Titleist TSi driver has very light head weight, it gives a huge upgrade to your swing speed. This club makes it effortless to increase speed, and this will as a result generate faster ball speeds and greater distance.

Who should use the Titleist TSi1 driver?

Since this Titleist driver has been made with the purpose to increase speed, we recommend that low-moderate swing speed players should use this club. This category will also translate into mid-high handicappers as well.

The ability to achieve a faster swing speed will have great rewards for players with a slower swing. You’ll notice your launch and spin rates will become more favorable, and your carry distance will receive a great boost.

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Titleist TSi2 Driver

Titleist TSi2 Driver
Titleist TSi2 Driver Side Profile
Titleist TSi2 Driver Clubface
Titleist TSi2 Driver Clubhead

Image Credit: Global Golf

Loft: 8°, 9°, 10°, 11°

Lie Angle: 58.5°

Length: 45.5”

Stock Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360°

Head Size: 460cc

Stock Shafts

Kuro Kage Black DC 5G SFW

Tensei AV Blue Raw SFW

HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX

Tensei AV White Raw

Premium Shafts

Tour AD DI

Tour AD IZ

Tour AD XC

Out of these four Titleist TSi drivers, the TSi2 is notorious for its forgiveness. Titleist drivers aren’t always the most forgiving, but this Titleist driver will provide great relief on off-centre strikes. From heel to toe, this clubface was designed to give you consistent ball flight and distance.

The forgiveness is promoted even more through an even deeper and lower CG, which increases the MOI. This feature will stop the club from twisting at impact and keep your golf ball flying straight, even if you don’t have consistent center strikes.

Like the other TSi drivers, the TSi2 still promises fast speeds and more distance through its foundational components which is found in each golf club of the new TSi range. This Titleist driver ensure that you’ll receive maximum forgiveness, wiithout sacrificing speed or distance.

Who should use the Titleist TSi2 driver?

The TSi2 driver targets players with higher handicaps, which is why it is one of the top choices for best drivers for high handicappers. It’s one of the best Titleist drivers for forgiveness that still provides distance golfers are seeking, as well as great launch characteristics.

If you struggle with inconsistent impact with your driver, then it is recommended that you test out the TSi2. By providing forgiveness from the heel to the toe, this Titleist TSi driver offers impressive speed and accuracy hole after hole, which most golfers desperately seek.

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Titleist TSi3 Driver

Titleist TSi3 Driver
Titleist TSi3 Driver Side Profile
Titleist TSi3 Driver Clubface
Titleist TSi3 Driver Clubhead

Image Credit: Global Golf

Loft: 8°, 9°, 10°, 11°

Lie Angle: 58.5°

Head Size: 460cc

Length: 45.5”

Stock Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360°

Stock Shafts: HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX; Tensei AV White 65

The Titleist TSi3 driver features a sliding weight track, providing dynamic distance. When a club has a sliding weight track, it makes it very easy to adjust the club to fit your swing and ideal shot shape.

This adjustable CG track design allows you to shift weight from heel-to-toe, which changes the position of the center of gravity. If you struggle with a slice, then shifting the weight of this Titleist TSi3 driver down to the heel will help you fix it.

This club also has mid launch and spin that will send your golf balls flying down the fairway, with the shot shape you have set with the sliding weight track.

Who should use the Titleist TSi3 driver?

This TSi driver could be used by a variety of players. Low handicap golfers will find great use of this golf club because it virtually offers you a custom fitting. It has launch and spin that will suit you and allow you to truly attack every hole.

Although this isn’t the best driver for high handicappers, it could still get the job done. The Titleist TSi3 driver has mid launch, when high handicap players would prefer higher launch characteristics. Along with this, the forgiveness isn’t as high as the TSi2, so mishits would have a more severe outcome.

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Titleist TSi4 Driver

Titleist TSi4 Driver
Titleist TSi4 Driver Side Profile
Titleist TSi4 Driver Clubface
Titleist TSi4 Driver Clubhead

Image Credit: Global Golf

Loft: 8°, 9°, 10°

Lie Angle: 58.5°

Head Size: 425cc

Length: 45.5”

Stock Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360°

Stock Shafts: Tensei AV White Raw 65; HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 60

The Titleist TSi4 driver has low launch and spin characteristics. This club provides max distance and the ability to reduce spin rates. Low spin is always a great feature that unlocks powerful distance, hence why it is sought after by many players on the PGA Tour.

This Titleist TSi driver breaks away from the classic shape of driver heads, with only 425cc and a pear shape. This decreases drag, allowing for maximum ball speed. The low and forward CG of this golf club construction generates the low spin and penetrating ball flight that this club has to offer.

These inviting elements do come with a sacrifice, because this club is not very forgiving. If you went for a club fitting and weren’t making consistent impact, this driver would likely not be recommended for you.

Who should use the Titleist TSi4 driver?

For the reasons stated above, the TSi4 driver should be used primarily by low handicap golfers. Since this club doesn’t even have mid launch characteristics, higher handicaps would struggle to use this club. Out of the new TSi range, this club has a very low spin rate.

The pear-shaped clubhead generates high speed characteristics and if ball speed that leads to greater distance is important to you, this TSi driver should be a part of your bag.

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Which Titleist TSi driver is most forgiving?

In this Titleist TSi driver review, we’ve chosen the TSi2 as the most forgiving out of the bunch. The low and deep CG ensures forgiveness on poor strikes, and the high launch helps make sure you get the ball up in the air.

Which driver is better: TSi2 or TSi3?

The Titleist TSi2 and TSi3 drivers have different qualities that fit a range of golfers. The TSi2 has better qualities for a high handicap or beginner with high launch and deep MOI, but the TSi3 has a sliding weight track that lets players determine where they want the center of gravity.

It is left up to you to determine which club fits you best, as nobody knows yourself as well as you. The TSi2 and TSi3 drivers are two great options for you to start out with.

What handicap is the TSi3 for?

In the TSi3 driver review it is stated that this driver could fit many golfers, but it is best for advanced players with a low-mid handicap who can control their golf clubs.

How good are TSi drivers?

These TSi drivers are some of the hottest drivers launched in 2022, and should be on everyone’s radar. They are all built for distance, but each one has unique characteristics that serve different purposes.

What is the easiest Titleist TSi driver to hit?

The easiest to hit out of the Titleist TSi drivers is the TSi2. The high launch and MOI provide maximum forgiveness and make it easy to get the ball up in the air.

Just like fairway woods, drivers are never “easy to hit” for beginners, but the right golf clubs for your swing will help you see better results.

What is the difference between the TSi2 and TSi3 drivers?

The difference between the Titleist TSi2 and TSi3 drivers is the sliding weight track on the TSi3 and the ultra forgiving face on the TSi2.

Is Titleist TSi better than TS?

The TSi drivers are proven to be an upgrade from the previous TS drivers, as the new releases promise added distance along with other elements in this driver review.

Which is longer TSi2 or TSi3?

The TSi2 will likely provide you with longer tee shots, but the TSi3 will still send you deep into the fairway.

Which Titleist TSi driver is right for me?

This questions depends largely on your ability as a golfer, and a custom fitting or testing a club with some range balls could help you find what you’re looking for.

However, If you’re a skilled golfer who is looking to optimize your distance or take control of your club, then the TSi3 and TSi4 drivers are great options.

On the other hand, if you’re a new golfer or less skilled and need help with components like ball speed and accuracy, then the TSi1 and TSi2 drivers will be a great fit for you.

How much does the TSi drivers cost?

The TSi drivers start at $549.00, which is on the pricier side. With that being said, these new drivers have all the qualities you’re looking for to excel on the course.

Wrapping it up

Titleist never fails to impress when it comes to club designs and releases. The TSi lineup is another example of the ability the company has to offer top-notch clubs to the golf community.

Each of these drivers succeed in targeting a certain group of golfers. If you’re a high handicapper struggling to make consistent contact with the ball or have a slower swing speed, then you should check out the TSi1 or TSi2 drivers.

However, if you’re a talented player who knows how to make good contact but want to fine tune a certain area of your game, give the TSi3 and TSi4 drivers a shot.

No matter what level of golfer you are, Titleist has delivered a driver in the TSi lineup that can enhance your game and get you shooting lower scores.

If none of these drivers feel right for you, trying checking out our other equipment reviews to see if another club suits your eyes!

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