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What makes the PING G425 drivers so great?

If you’re interested in obtaining a new PING G425 driver but are searching for some more information about them, then stop right here. Lets dive into what makes these drivers great for all levels of golfers.

PING G425 Drivers Reviews

PING G425 MAX Driver
PING G425 LST Driver
PING G425 SFT Driver

PING has been well known for delivering quality golf clubs, and they have met their high standards once again. The G425 family has introduced three new drivers, the MAX, LST, and SFT, and they each promise great results.

Each driver is designed to fit different categories of golfers. Whether you’re a high handicapper or a low handicapper, PING has designed a driver to suit your needs and help you elevate your game.

The driver is a crucial part of the golf, and can often make or break a hole, even a round. One of the largest benefits of using a driver is the added distance. On a short par 4 you could find yourself with just a wedge into the green, or sometimes even a putt for eagle.

As great as the driver is, it can also be your worst nightmare. It is the easiest club to slice or hook, and this can put you out of bounds or in a very tough spot. Instead of a chip for eagle, you could be lucky to come away with a double bogey.

This is why finding the right driver is an ever-so important necessity for golfers. Thankfully, technology has advanced and provided many different types of drivers, which anyone can use.

Features of every G425 Driver:

Dragonfly Technology

By using a super lightweight crown, the PING G425 drivers have extreme weight savings. This enables the designers of the clubs to be much more adventurous.

PING has taken these weight savings and placed them strategically throughout the head and back weight to create high MOI and prime CG.

A high MOI reduces the twist of the club at impact, which supports high forgiveness. A properly positioned center of gravity also allows for more distance, faster ball speeds, and even more forgiveness, allowing you to maximize your ability.

Aerodynamic Design

These PING drivers have reconfigured crown turbulators which makes it much more aerodynamic. Reducing the drag of a golf driver has many great benefits.

Better aerodynamics will firstly create high swing speeds. This will help you maximize distance off the tee, as well as result in less mishits and more consistency.

Along with a faster swing speed, you’ll see an increase in ball speed. These drivers will help you achieve more yardage with the your tee shots that find you deep in the fairway.

Precision Forged Face

PING has also rebuilt their clubface with T9S+ material. This allows for greater distance, as well as ball speed. Combine this with the other features of the PING G425 drivers, and this leads to even more distance and speed than previous models.

Internal Ribbing

Although the internal ribbing of these PING drivers don’t have much of an effect on statistics, it is a critical factor for players seeking aesthetics from their golf clubs.

The well-designed structure of the clubhead leads to better sounding and feeling shots. For some players this is confidence-inspiring and can inadvertently help you play better.

Adjustable Hosel

Like most drivers in recent years, the G425 drivers include an adjustable hosel, allowing you to change the loft and ball flight bias, similar to a club fitting that suits your personal preference.

Changing the loft can help you increase your distance and launch, leading to a better ball flight. You can also counter a slice or hook by putting the hosel in the draw position, or by adding a fade bias.

Arccos Smart Grips

The Arccos Smart Grips are optional features of these three models. These grips provide information regarding your performance and what you should do differently. This can help you improve your game and lead to lower scores.

However, you do have to pay for the Arccos service and application, which for many golfers might not be worth it.

Now that we have an understanding of the fundamentals of these clubs, lets discuss what makes each club unique and who they fit best.


PING G425 MAX Driver
PING G425 MAX Side Profile
PING G425 MAX Clubface
PING G425 MAX Clubhead

Image Credit: Global Golf

Loft: 9°, 10.5°, 12°

Loft Adjustability: ±1.5°

Lie Angle: 58.50°

Head Weight: 206g

Head Size: 460cc

Swing weight: D3

Stock Grip

Golf Pride 360 Tour Velvet

Stock Shaft

PING Alta CB 55 Slate

Flex: SR, R, S, XS

Lets start off with the G425 MAX driver. Out of the three, it is the most forgiving driver, making it very easy to hit.

The incredible level of forgiveness comes from the highest MOI, which is granted by adjustable weights. On the back of the PING G425 MAX head is a 26g tungsten weight which can be adjusted freely.

This moveable weight can be set into three positions at the back of the club, which can change the CG of the new driver, along with the flight bias. By setting the weight closer to the toe, you can gain a fade bias, but the position closest to the heel adds a draw bias.

The PING G425 MAX driver has claimed the spot of most forgiving, due to the extremely high MOI that it offers. Since this club twists less at impact, many golfers will see good distance and find more fairways.

Who should use the PING G425 MAX driver?

Since this club offers ultimate forgiveness on off center hits, high handicappers will find the most enjoyment in using this driver. It is a great driver for accuracy and acts as a great fairway finder, even on a heel or toe strike.

Although various different golfers should feel free to use this driver, the PING G425 MAX driver will offer high handicap golfers and beginners more to offer than advanced players.

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PING G425 LST Driver
PING G425 LST Side Profile
PING G425 LST Clubface
PING G425 LST Clubhead

Image Credit: Global Golf

Loft: 9°, 10.5°

Loft Adjustability: ±1.5°

Lie Angle: 57°

Head Weight: 208g

Head Size: 445cc

Swing weight: D4

Stock Grip

Golf Pride 360 Tour Velvet

Stock Shaft

PING Alta CB 55 Slate

Flex: SR, R, S, XS

Out of the three driver models, this PING driver is designed for greater distance and fast swing speed. This driver also promises optimal spin numbers and ball speed, allowing you to unleash your ability off the tee.

This low spin model will reduce spin compared to the PING G425 Max model, primarily thanks to the 445cc pear-shaped head.

Unlike the old driver, the G410 LST, the G425 LST model has a lower launch that results in an increase in ball speed, which in return leads to longer tee shots.

The 445cc head achieves these results through even better aerodynamics. The smaller, uniquely designed PING G425 LST pierces through the air, resulting in a large jump in ball speed and swing speed.

The low spin of the LST driver will help you see an increase in your distance on the golf course, making you more confident and pleased with your performance.

Who should use the PING G425 LST driver?

The PING G425 LST driver should be used by players with a lower handicap and more experience. This driver is loved by PGA Tour players do to its ability to increase their distance and speeds, which they are constantly trying to work towards.

The pear-shaped head makes this PING driver less forgiving, which would make it difficult for less skilled players to hit.

If you choose to use this club and don’t have the experience for it, you will likely see less accurate drives that ultimately lead to less distance.

PING’s focus for this club was to provide low-mid handicap players with a club that will result in a perfect spin loft and other features that enhance their performance to the next level.


PING G425 SFT Driver
PING G425 SFT Side Profile
PING G425 SFT Clubface
PING G425 SFT Clubhead

Image Credit: Global Golf

Loft: 10.5°

Loft Adjustability: ±1.5°

Lie Angle: 58.50°

Head Weight: 202g

Head Size: 460cc

Swingweight: D1

Stock Grip

Golf Pride 360 Tour Velvet

Stock Shaft

PING Alta CB 55 Slate

Flex: SR, R, S, XS

The final driver on this list is the G425 SFT. This PING G425 driver will ensure that your nuisance of a slice becomes nonexistent. It does not have an adjustable weight, but instead a fixed 23g weight that keeps the club in a draw setting.

To help fight a slice, this club also has the lightest swingweight out of the three. Along with the fixed weight near the heel, combining these two features will force you into an in-to-out swing shape, which results in a draw.

At first glance, the vast majority of players will look at this club and assume it is the most forgiving driver, however this isn’t always the case.

While there is significant forgiveness on slices, the PING G425 SFT driver provides zero forgiveness on hooks, and in fact may make them worse.

Since this driver doesn’t provide all around forgiveness like different clubs do, this driver is not considered to be the best club for complete forgiveness.

Who should use the PING G425 SFT driver?

The PING G425 SFT driver should be used mainly by beginners, or players who have severely struggled with a slice. The most common issue for new golfers is a slice, which is why a draw-bias driver will suit them.

It provides the forgiveness they need to keep themselves in play, while helping them learn the basics of a proper swing. As they progress, it is recommended to switch to a club like the PING G425 Max driver which provides all-around forgiveness and allows for a greater variety in shot shapes.

Another reason to use this club is if you just can’t seem to shake off the nagging slice. It’s very common for golfers who have been playing for years to still struggle immensely with out-to-in swings, resulting in slices.

Using the G425 SFT will help train your swing to become in-to-out, and soon enough you’ll find yourself with a shot shape that seemed unimaginable just a few days ago.

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Do any pros use the PING G425 driver?

Plenty of pros use the G425. The club of choice is typically either the LST or MAX, depending on their needs. These clubs offer stability and consistency that allows pros to attack their tee shots with great accuracy and distance.

Is the PING G425 MAX driver any good?

The G425 MAX driver is a fantastic driver for every level of golfer. It provides incredible forgiveness across the entire face, without sacrificing distance.

It produces ideal launch and spin rates, resulting in beautiful ball flights that find you deep in the fairway.

Is the PING G425 driver good for high handicappers/Which PING G425 driver is best for high handicappers?

Out of the PING G425 lineup, the MAX model is best for high handicappers, as it offers massive forgiveness. An adjustable 26g tungsten weight that sits deep and low in the club creates the highest MOI to date for PING drivers, and can be set to a fade, draw, or neutral flight bias.

High MOI means less twisting at impact with the golf ball, which makes this the best driver for forgiveness in the G425 range. The result is tighter dispersion and a perfectly playable driver for high handicappers.

This club is very similar to the Callaway Epic Max Speed driver, which is well known for its ability to suit high handicap golfers.

Is the PING G425 MAX worth the money?

The PING G425 MAX driver is most certainly worth the money. It provides players of all skill levels every quality that you seek in a golf driver.

If the price tag of the new club doesn’t fit your budget, you can always buy used. Companies like Global Golf offer reliable service through certified preowned programs that guarantee the best quality in used clubs, all at a low and affordable price.

What is the price of the PING G425 drivers?

Following up on the last question, the price of a new PING G425 driver is $399.00. Now is a great time to purchase a new driver, as the prices just dropped.

As stated above, you can still buy used, with prices closer to $300.00 and below.

Which PING G425 driver has the longest distance?

When compared against each other, the PING G425 driver with the most distance is the LST. The low launch and fast speed design of this club results in lower trajectories that pierce through the air.

It also has lower spin than the LST and MAX, which helps to result in increased distance. Range sessions with rentals or professional fittings will prove to you that the LST model will grant you more total distance, primarily if you are an advanced players.

Which PING G425 driver is most forgiving?

The best driver for forgiveness in the G425 lineup is the MAX. This golf driver is designed to provide ultimate forgiveness so that you can unleash your best drives straight down the fairway.

Unlike the SFT driver, the PING G425 MAX will correct all mishits, not just hooks. Therefore, toe and heel strikes are forgiven by this club and will help you keep the golf ball in play.

Is the PING G425 driver good for seniors?

The best option for seniors from the new PING drivers would be the MAX. It’ll provide great forgiveness and aids in generating fast ball speed for greater distance.

It is recommended that you consider using a senior flex shaft. Using a regular or stiff shaft may result in improper contact, which will cause slices and a poor launch trajectory.

Is the PING G425 driver easy to hit?

Out of the three models, the G425 MAX is the easiest driver to hit. This club offers the highest MOI, which provides maximum forgiveness and makes it easy to hit.

The G425 makes it effortless to launch the ball and obtain an optimal ball flight, while delivering faster ball speeds and wonderful distance.

Final Thoughts

PING is a leading brand in the golf industry and are trusted by many golfers. Once again, they haven’t let their followers down and have delivered an impressive lineup of club with the G425 models.

It doesn’t matter what level of golfer you are, PING offers a golf driver that fits you perfectly.

If you’re a beginner, the SFT driver model was made with a natural draw bias that will help keep you in play and working towards lowering your score. It will drastically decrease your slice and help you find the short grass rather than weeds.

For mid-high handicap golfers, the MAX is a fantastic club created with high forgiveness. It keeps the CG low and deep in the club, allowing you to hit more fairways and greens in regulation.

While lower handicaps can find success in the MAX driver. the G425 LST will elevate your game to the next level. The low spin, low launch design of this club makes it more challenging to use, but provides great results if you have the ability.

Compared to the other two, this club will increase your distance the most and leave you with only a wedge into the green.

Each of these clubs are confidence inspiring choices that can suit any range of golfer. Of course, a club fitting is always the best option for finding the driver which is right for you.

However, if you know what you’re looking for and one of these drivers sounds like a perfect fit for you, go ahead and give them a shot.

Global Golf offers a try-before-you-buy program where you pay a rental fee to test the club. If you enjoy it and decide to stick with it, the rental fee is deducted from the total price of the club and you keep your new driver.

I hope this review of the PING G425 drivers gave you all the information you needed to make your decision about a new driver. If after reading this none of the drivers sounds like the one for you, we have many more reviews of drivers that might just help you find the match.