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PING G400 Driver Review

PING G400 Driver

If you’re in need of a driver that offers plenty of speed and distance at a reasonable price, then you’re in luck. The PING G400 driver offers great speeds and distance, as well as more forgiveness.

Even 6 years later, this club is still serving players with great results. What makes it even better – it’s only half the price of most new drivers today.

In this post, we’ll go through a complete PING G400 driver review, as well as where to find the best deals. Without further to do, let’s jump into the post!

Where can I purchase the PING G400 Driver?

Global Golf

Available in used condition

Table of Contents

Features of the PING G400 Driver

Forged T9S+ Face

The first feature of the PING G400 driver is the forged T9S+ face. By using this material, PING has developed a more flexible face that creates faster ball speeds. More ball speed leads to more distance gains, and it can even provide extra forgiveness on every hit.

In addition, the forged face also has a new and improved sound and feel at contact, which helps to boost your confidence on the tee box.

Adjustable Tungsten Weight

The most forgiving aspect of this driver has to go to the adjustable tungsten weight on the back of the club. Due to increased weight savings throughout the club head, PING had the freedom to put a tungsten weight on the back of the G400 driver.

This weight stabilizes the club head throughout the swing, and also greatly increases the MOI of the driver. You can also increase or decrease the swing weight of this club by changing the weight.

Improved Aerodynamics

One of the most important aerodynamic benefit is the way it can increase energy transfer in your golf swing. PING engineers managed to massively increase club head speed with the G400 driver, helping you gain even more distance.

This is a great driver for average swing speed players who are looking to increase their speed. This club will not just boost your speed, but it will maintain impressive accuracy since it is a quite forgiving driver.

Great Sound and Feel

If sound and feel are amongst the most important features of a driver to you, then the G400 would be a great fit. PING strategically designed the internal rib structure to create a wonderful sound at impact with great feel to it.

While the crown turbulators make the club look nice, they serve as more than a good look. These turbulators will also increase your club head speed, helping you gain more distance and power.

Dragonfly Technology

The Dragonfly Technology is yet another feature of this driver that will increase MOI and CG. The G400 driver has an ultra-thin crown in order to maximize weight savings, which were used in the tungsten weight and other areas of the club head.

This club has a combined MOI of over 9,000, proving that it has extreme forgiveness. It also has an optimized CG, which helps stabilize the club and lead to more club head speed and ball speed.

Pros and Cons


  • Cheaper price

  • Great distance

  • Improved ball speed


  • Released 6 years ago

    • Only available in used condition

  • Less forgiveness than G400 Max

  • Lower ball flight

Quite obviously one of the best benefits of the PING G400 driver is the cheaper price. This makes it a great option for players who are on a budget and looking for a new driver.

At the same time, the G400 driver is cheaper because it was released 6 years ago. Since 2017, the golf industry has evolved in many ways, and tons of new technology has been introduced. So by using the G400 driver, you will be missing out on the benefits of a modern driver.

Since the driver is somewhat old, it is only available for sale in used conditions at most stores. While buying used clubs is great if you’re trying to save money, it does mean the club will not be in top condition.

Additionally, if you’re seeking a forgiving driver with a high launch angle, this may not be the club for you. The PING G400 driver has a lower launch angle, and many of the features aren’t engineered for maximum forgiveness.

However, the G400 driver promises to offer great distance and ball speed with a piercing and straight flight.

PING G400 Side Profile

Who should use the PING G400 Driver?

This driver could truly be used by anyone, but I personally feel that it would work best for mid handicappers. Most players with a mid-handicap have a solid swing that is very consistent, so having the most forgiving driver isn’t a big concern.

However, this same group of players are starting to focus more on their swing speed and ball speed, as well as carry distance and ball flight.

This club gives you complete control of your shots, and the trajectory tuning technology in the adjustable hosel lets you increase or decrease loft, as well as add a draw or fade bias.


High Handicappers

If you’re a high handicapper looking for a new driver, you could always check out another PING G driver, like the G425 Max or G430 Max. These are the two newest releases from PING, and they are sure to increase your distance and speed while being a very forgiving driver.

Mid Handicappers

Another option for mid handicappers would be the TaylorMade Stealth 2 driver. This driver features a carbonwood face that reduces the weight of the club and gives added benefits.

Not only will your swing speed increase, but so will your ball speed and you’ll have noticeable distance gains. This driver also offers enough forgiveness to help keep your occasional mishits straight and long.

Low Handicappers

One of the best new releases for low handicappers has to be the Paradym Triple Diamond driver. This driver has a compact driver head that will alow you to work the ball very easily.

The smaller head also results in low launch and low spin, which combines to create a fast, penetrating flight.


Since this driver isn’t designed to have a very high launch, it is no surprise that it only comes with 9 or 10.5 degree loft options. This will usually create lower spin, which will help keep the ball low and increase your distance.

However, using these lofts can make the club less forgiving. It is naturally harder to launch the ball in the air, which can then cause mishits and lead to poor performances.

Nonetheless, if you’re seeking a driver that will help you gain more carry distance and ball speed, the PING G400 driver is a great option.

Stock Shafts and Grip Heading

The PING G400 driver has many stock shafts, which include:

  • PING Alta CB 55

  • PING Tour 65 and 75

  • PING Alta Distanza

  • Aldila X-Torsion Copper

  • Project X HZRDUS Yellow

  • and Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Silver Dual-Core TiNi

When choosing your shaft, make sure to select the right flex. For slower swing speed (<95 mph) players, you’re going to want a regular shaft rather than stiff.

Using a stiff shaft with a slow swing speed will result in poor contact and tons of mishits. However, if you have a faster swing speed, you could try using a stiff shaft flex to help accommodate your swing.

For stock grips, the two options are the Golf Pride Tour Velvet and Tour Velvet Cord. If either of these grips don’t feel comfortable, you could always spend a little extra money to find a grip that will give you confidence.

Similar to the grips, if the stock shafts don’t seem to fit your swing, you could have them custom fit, but this will cost more money. At the end of the day, the most important thing is to find the right shaft stiffness to help support your game.

PING G400 Driver Clubhead


After writing this PING G400 driver review, I must say that it’s stats impress me greatly, even 6 years later. Although it may have the newest technology on the market, this driver PING engineered will still get the job done.

Features of this club like the high density back weight and infinity edge help to create more ball speed and eliminate distraction, helping you find more accurate shots and farther distances. All the technology this club features will offer your great results straight from the first swing.

Just keep in mind, if you’re a high handicapper who might need some more forgiveness, this club does not offer a substantial amount. Although it is a good driver, it does not promote maximum forgiveness.

Regardless, the PING G400 driver is a wonderful club that will not only save you some money, but also enhance your performance on the golf course.

Thanks for reading our review of the PING G400 driver, and we hope it gave you just the information you were searching for.


1. How old is a PING G400 driver/What year did PING make the G400 driver?

The PING G400 driver was released back in 2017, making this golf club 6 years old. Although these clubs are quite old, they still have great ability. The distance and accuracy they offer are still competitive today, even with the new technology of current drivers.

However, the PING G400 driver does not have as much forgiveness as other drivers do. Even drivers for lower handicaps nowadays have increased forgiveness, but the G400 driver still lacks this.

2. Is the PING G400 driver good for beginners?

The PING G400 driver is okay for beginners. It does not have immense forgiveness, which is something beginner golfers need. Nonetheless, the PING G400 driver does have great distance and speed.

So if you’re a beginner trying to pick out a new driver, you should ask yourself which you carry about more. If you want more speed and distance and don’t mind sacrificing some forgiveness, then go ahead and give this driver a shot.

On the other hand, if you’re trying to work on your accuracy and keep the ball in play, then I’d check out some other drivers.

3. How forgiving is the PING G400 driver/Is the PING G400 a forgiving driver?

The PING G400 driver was engineered primarily for distance and faster speeds, not forgiveness. Although it still has some forgiveness to it, there is certainly not enough to support a beginner or high handicapper who needs some help keeping the ball in the fairway.

4. What is the difference between PING G400 Max and G400?

The biggest difference between the PING G400 Max driver and G400 driver is the forgiveness. The PING G400 Max driver was built with a design that best suits higher handicaps. It is much more forgiving and will help produce better shots off of mishits.

The G400 driver is not quite as forgiving, but offers increased distance and speed for more skilled players. It has a lower launch and lower spin, which will produce a piercing straight flight with more roll out.

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