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Maximum Control: Mizuno JPX921 Tour Irons Review

Mizuno JPX921 Tour Iron

The Mizuno JPX 921 Tour irons are a prime example of precision engineering, designed for golfers who demand the best from their equipment.

Mizuno has been a trusted name in the golf industry for over 100 years, and the JPX 921 Tour irons continue their legacy of innovation and performance.

These player’s irons offer nothing but the best for low handicap golfers who are looking to up their game an extra level.

If you’re interested in learning about the features of the JPX921 Tour irons along with where to find the best deals, then keep reading for a full review of these irons.

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Where can I buy these irons?

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Features of the Mizuno JPX 921 Tour irons

Forged Carbon Steel Clubhead

To make these Mizuno irons, they forged the clubheads from a 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel using their infamous Grain Flow Forged HD technology.

The use of this material makes the JPX921 Tour irons lighter, giving you faster swing speeds. In addition, it provides a fabulous feel and sound at impact, which Mizuno is infamous for.

Stability Frame

The Stability Frame of the Mizuno JPX 921 Tour model has toe bias weighting for a straighter swing every time.

Mizuno also utilized perimeter weighting for more forgiveness on off centre strikes. This will result in straighter shots on mishits, and compared to the previous generation the JPX921 Tour irons will have a better ball flight and more distance even with a poor strike.

Although most lower handicaps don’t need forgiveness from their golf clubs, everyone still hits an occasional poor shot.

For better players who use blades, off centre strikes typically result in snap hooks or slices that go nowhere. However, the JPX Tour iron set will provide a more consistent ball flight and will make your bad shots better.

Super Compact

The Mizuno JPX921 Tour irons have a very compact profile, which results in a small sweet spot on the club face. While this allows you to shape shots very easily, it results in lower forgiveness when compared to the other JPX irons.

However, for skilled golfers you’d rather be able to hit a draw or fade as you please rather than seek out forgiveness you don’t need 95% of the time.

Narrow Topline and Sole

The short irons of this club set have narrower soles, which elevates the feel and sound of your shots. A narrower sole will provide a softer feel at impact with great turf interaction.

This also reduces the weight of the clubhead, which in return can get you more ball speed. It is important to note that this feature is only for the scoring clubs in the set.

The refined short irons will have a better feel than your long irons, but they will lose a little forgiveness.

Thick Cavity Pad

Mizuno designed the JPX921 Tour irons with a thicker cavity pad, giving you the best feel and sound on every hit. By developing specific vibration patterns, Mizuno was able to make the JPX921 Tour irons the greatest feeling over the hot metal options.

Pearl Brush Finish

Every Mizuno JPX 921 iron set has a sleek pearl brush finish that minimized glare and removes any distractions that the clubhead might cause.

Although this feature does not necessarily help with your swing on the golf course, it helps you focus more on the ball than the club.

Pros and Cons


  • Great for adding shape to your shots

  • Consistent distance gaps


  • Less forgiving than other JPX921 irons

  • Not the best distance

Mizuno calls the JPX tour irons their tour model, because it is the most popular option by players on the tour compared to the other 921 irons.

All the pros have a super consistent swing and very rarely require forgiveness, so they instead prioritize features like spin and shot shaping.

Well, the Mizuno JPX921 Tour model provides just that. If they’re looking for a slightly higher launch on a shot, the spin rate these clubs generate make it effortless for them to get a higher apex.

They can also add a draw or fade at the snap of a finger when using the JPX921 Tour. We all have countless times on the golf course when we get an unlucky bounce and end up behind a tree.

Instead of being forced to bail out into the fairway, you now have the option to get the ball significantly closer to the green, if not even on.

When looking at the lofts of the Mizuno JPX921 Tour irons, they are very evenly spaced out. The long irons have a gap of 3 degrees, while the shorter irons are separated by 4 degrees.

This is something I love about these clubs because it removes any large distance gaps between irons.

Take the Hot Metal and Hot Metal Pro irons for example. The short irons have a gap of 5 degrees, which can cause problems in certain scenarios.

Say you hit the Hot Metal pitching wedge 135 yards and the 9 iron 150 yards because of the gap in lofts. On a 140 yard par 3, you’re stuck deciding between a soft knock-down 9 iron shot, or hammering your PW to fly it a fraction longer.

This puts greater pressure on your shot and makes you more likely to mishit it, never mind the uncomfortable feeling of hitting a shot you don’t play all that often.

So, I have to praise the loft dispersion of Mizuno with the JPX921 Tour irons, along with the control over your ball flight that you get back.

Mizuno JPX921 Tour Iron

As with just about everything in life, the Mizuno JPX921 Tour irons come with a price. While the blade design earns you more power over the shape of your shots, it also sacrifices a great deal of forgiveness.

These clubs are extremely difficult to play if you don’t have a consistent (and proper) swing. While compared to most other performance irons, the JPX921 Tour do offer more forgiving features, but nothing that competes with game improvement iron sets like the Hot Metals.

Since these clubs have more traditional lofts, you will also get less distance than a stronger lofted iron set.

If you’re looking for the fastest ball speeds out of the JPX921 lineup then these clubs are great for you, but if you want a set in your bag to get you sheer distance and straight shots on every hit, you’ll want to look elsewhere.

Stock Shaft and Grip

The stock shaft of the Mizuno JPX921 Tour irons is the KBS S-Taper Steel shaft, which only comes with a stiff flex. Lets break down now what this means for different golfers.

If you have a fast swing speed (>95 mph), then this is great news for you. Using a stiff flex with a fast swing speed will help you get the right compression, spin, ball speed, and launch for beautiful results and an incredible performance.

However, swing speeds under 95 mph might run into trouble. Slower swing speeds are typically recommended to use regular flex shafts. A shaft that is too stiff for your swing will result in shanks, poor launch, less distance, and more bad results than good.

If you’re dedicated and have the available budget, you could get these clubs re-shafted with a regular flex to fit your swing speed. If you don’t have the money at your disposal to do this, I would highly recommend looking into another iron set.

I know from experience that using a shaft that is too strong will cause poor results, and instead of watching your gorgeous ball flight, you’ll be picking up extra strokes from mishits into the woods.

The stock grip of the Mizuno JPX921 Tour irons is the Golf Pride Z-Grip Full Cord. If you don’t feel super comfortable when using this grip, you could opt for another one, it would just cost some extra money.


Mizuno JPX921 Tour Iron Lofts

As I stated above, the Mizuno JPX921 Tour model has the least aggressive lofts out of the four different JPX921 options. The 4 iron has a loft of 24 degrees, while the highest loft offered is the GW at 51 degrees.

This loft setup will really help you to be able to manage your distances appropriately and launch the ball high with great spin. Since the lofts are weaker, they won’t be the longer irons out of the bunch but will still get the job done.

Mizuno JPX921 Wedge Lofts

Mizuno also offers a JPX921 SW and LW, but I would recommend using a premium wedge instead for enhanced short game results.

Mizuno JPX921 Tour Irons Clubface

Who should use the Mizuno JPX 921 Tour irons?

The Mizuno JPX921 Tour irons should only be used by low handicaps and scratch golfers. These irons have very little forgiveness, and if you experience quite a few mishits every round, this iron set will only make your scores worse.

However, for the players who are consistent and looking to shoot low scores, the creativity these irons give you will help you find more greens from difficult situations.

Just remember, tour pros use these irons because they let them add any shape or trajectory they want to their hits, not because they’re super forgiving and fly dead straight.


High Handicappers

If you’re a high handicapper, I’d suggest checking out the Mizuno JPX 921 Hot Metal irons or Callaway Rogue ST Max iron set.

Both of these are game improvement sets, so they will provide you with a consistent launch and straight ball flight that you need to lower your scores.

Mid Handicappers

For mid handicappers, it can be somewhat difficult to find the right iron set for you. You don’t necessarily need the same level of forgiveness that game improvement iron sets have, but performance iron sets make it hard to learn how to add shape to your shots.

Well, the JPX 921 Hot Metal Pro iron sets may be the option for you. They incorporate the same forgiving features of the Hot Metal irons, but they add more of a blade design to the club head to help you adjust to the different type of iron.

Low Handicappers

If you’re a low handicap golfer, you could try checking out the Mizuno JPX 921 forged iron set. The forged model is very similar to the Tour irons, but they have slightly stronger lofts as well as a bit more forgiveness. All the while, they still allow you to add great shape to any given shot on the course.

You could always try checking out the new Mizuno JPX923 Tour irons as well, or the Callaway Rogue ST Pro set. Once again, both of these sets are for advanced players who desire more control over forgiveness.


We have reached the end of our Mizuno JPX 921 Tour irons review, and I think it is safe to say that these irons are great for skilled golfers. Mizuno irons always deliver great turf interaction for amazing feel and sound, and these irons fall nothing short of this.

Additionally, they promote incredible shot shaping to help you out in any situation, and generate great trajectory and spin.

If you don’t make consistent centered impact with the ball, I would advise you to seek out another iron set. These clubs will punish poor shots, and instead of improving your performance, you’re scores could start to get worse.

Thank you for reading our JPX 921 Tour irons review, and we hope it provided you with all the information you were after. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions, and we’ll get back to you with an answer.

Happy golfing!


Who is the JPX 921 Tour for?

The Mizuno JPX921 Tour irons are for low handicap players who are seeking more control over their shots rather forgiveness. They offer plenty of shot shaping ability, but inconsistent impact will see you searching for your ball in the woods more often.

Are Mizuno JPX 921 irons forgiving?

When compared to other performance irons, the Mizuno JPX 921 Tour irons do offer more forgiveness, but not nearly as much as game improvement iron sets will. If you are in need of maximum forgiveness irons, try checking out the JPX921 Hot Metals.

When did the Mizuno JPX 921 Tour come out?

The Mizuno JPX921 Tour set came out for the 2021 season, along with Forged, Hot Metal, and Hot Metal Pros.

Are Mizuno JPX 921 Tour irons forged?

The Mizuno JPX921 Tour irons are a forged iron made from carbon steel using the Grain Flow Forged HD technology.

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