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Our Truthful Review of the Datrek Golf Bags

Datrek Go Lite Hybrid Stand Bag

There’s nothing more annoying than when your golf bag falls over right before your putt, causing a massive disruption. While some golf bags can get pricey in this market, not all of them are.

Datrek golf is an innovative company that is committed to designing durable golf bags that are less expensive than others. If your old bag is nearing the end of its days, stick around for our review of the new bag releases from Datrek golf.

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What should a quality golf bag include?

Before we jump into the reviews of each bag, lets get an understanding of what makes a golf bag convenient.

A good golf bag should be lightweight, durable, and have enough storage space for all of your clubs, balls, and other golfing accessories. It should also be easy to carry and have a comfortable shoulder strap or handle.

In addition, it should have a good balance and stand upright on its own when placed on the ground. Some other useful features to look for in a golf bag might include waterproof pockets, built-in beverage holders, and a stand that helps keep the bag upright and off the ground when you are on the course.

Lets get into each golf bag and their pros and cons.

Carry Lite Stand Bag

Worldwide Golf Shops

Global Golf


  • Lightest weight style

  • Hip pad with cushion

  • Strong stands


  • Only has 4 dividers

Datrek Carry Lite Stand Bag

The Carry Lite stand bag is one of two stand bags sold by Datrek. This bag is very light, weighing in at just under 4 lbs. This makes it very ideal for walking, which is something many of us tend to do.

Having a light weight golf bag can be so beneficial. Personally, I tend to play worse when I have to walk, because my current golf bag is very heavy and tires me out. When I reach my ball, I feel more exhausted than anything, and hitting a solid shot becomes harder.

So utilizing lightweight golf bags can help you save your energy for hitting your shots rather than walking to them.

Plus, it also has sturdy stands for when you set your bag down. Rather than having a cart bag and needing a level surface for the bag to stand up right, the Datrek Carry Lite stand bag can remain upright on just about any angle.

Additionally, the Carry Lite stand bag has a hip pad for when you’re carrying it. Sometimes you don’t feel like throwing your bag over both shoulder, so you put the shoulder strap over one side.

With the bag at your side, you can knock into it, but the Datrek Carry Lite bag offers a cushion at your hip to prevent this. While this might not be a major benefit, it is a nice feature which many golf bags don’t have.

The only downside to this golf bag is that it only has 4 dividers at the top. For some people this may not be an issue, but I like to have my bag very organized.

Only having 4 dividers requires you to have to group more clubs together, and this can make it less organized. However, if you’re less picky about where your clubs go, 4 dividers will do the trick for you.

Additional features

A couple of additional features of the Datrek Carry Lite stand bag is the swivel clip attachment for your shoulder straps and 5 full-size pockets.

The swivel clip on the Carry Lite bag makes it easy to set up your shoulder straps and carry the bag.

A 5 pocket design also provides plenty of space for storage. It has a couple of small pockets where you can store your phone, wallet, and keys. In these pockets you can also put your glove, tees, and any other accessories and small items you carry on the course.

It also contains a large ball pocket, allowing you to come prepared for plenty of mishits. Along with these pockets, it also has a hook for you to put a towel on to clean your clubs.

Go Lite Hybrid Stand Bag

Worldwide Golf Shops

The Golf Warehouse


  • Has 14 dividers

  • Designed to easily attach to ride/push carts

  • Large pockets

  • Same price as Carry Lite stand bag


  • Heavier than Carry Lite stand bag

Datrek Go Lite Hybrid Stand Bag

The Go Lite Hybrid stand bag is the second stand bag offered by Datrek. This golf bag has all of the features the Carry Lite does, plus a few extras.

Datrek Go Lite Hybrid stand bags offer 10 more dividers, which can help you organize your back much better. For golfers that like to set up their clubs in sequential groups, this organizer top is a great feature.

The Go Lite stand bag is also designed to attach to carts much either. Whether you’re walking or riding, securing your bag into place becomes much easier.

While the Carry Lite stand bag had 5 pockets, the Go Lite Hybrid bags have 6 oversized pockets. This extra pocket can be useful for carrying additional valuables or other items.

All the while, the Go Lite Hybrid golf bag is the same price as the Carry Lite. You quite literally get added benefits, with no increase in price.

The only downside is that this bag is slightly heavier, with a weight just above 5 lbs. For golfers that don’t have a push cart and decide to carry their bags, this poses a question for which bag would be right for you.

More features of the Datrek Go Lite Hybrid bag

Some added features of this golf bag is a rain cover, umbrella holder, secure stands with rubberized feet for traction, and a rubber driver and putter holder.

While a rain cover or umbrella holder isn’t necessary, they are pleasant bonuses if you get caught in a storm while on the course. It’ll protect your clubs from the inclement weather, as well as keep you dry.

The stabilized legs and rubberized feet are great elements of the bag. By designing this bag with round feet that don’t slip on the ground, your bag is sure to be set in place wherever you leave it.

Not only does the top of this bag have full length dividers, it also has specified driver and putter holders. This makes it easier to keep your bag organized so you can quickly grab a club.

Datrek DG Lite II Cart Bag


  • Lightest cart bag

  • Cheapest option

  • 7 pockets for storage


  • Doesn’t have a kickstand

The DG Lite II cart bag is the first cart bag on this review. For me, the best part about this bag is the lightweight design that it has. Many cart bag can be unnecessarily heavy, but this one is about 4 lbs.

It also has an additional pocket, allowing for more space to add any more valuables. The large ball pocket also allows for extra golf balls to carry while on the course. Just like the previous two, this one has a fleece lined pocket for more room.

Another benefit is that this bag is actually the cheapest option out of all 5. The Lite II cart bag is great for if you use a push cart or riding cart, and it will save you some money.

While this bag is a great cart bag, it is not a very good stand bag. It doesn’t have a kickstand, so this means that you’re bag will likely not stay upright in more scenarios.

Additional features of the DG Lite II Cart Bag

Some more pros of this bag are the full length dividers, rain hood, and lift assist handles. The 14-way top of the bag allows for you to place each club in specific sections.

This quality cart bag also contains a rain hood to protect clubs from bad weather and lift assist handles to make it easier to get into the cart.

Overall, the DG Lite II cart bag is a truly nice bag that gets the job done at the most affordable cost.

Datrek Lite Rider Pro Cart Bag

The Golf Warehouse


  • Insulated cooler pocket

  • Rubber tee holders

  • Same weight as Go Lite Hybrid bag


  • More expensive

Datrek Lite Rider Pro Cart Bag

The Lite Rider Pro is another great bag that works well with a golf cart or push cart. This bag has 7 pockets, and one of which is an insulated cooler pocket. This can be very helpful if you want to pack snacks or other stuff which should be kept cold.

It also has a rubber tee holder that allows you to keep four tees at the ready. Compared to other cart bags in the market, it is still lightweight and makes it easier to transport.

However, it is more expensive than the other three bags. Most golfers hate having to spend the money they do on a golf club set, so spending a larger amount on a bag is not ideal.

Additional features of the Lite Rider Pro Cart Bag

This new bag also offers a 15-way organizer top, allowing you to place a club in an individual section if you have a full set. The Lite Rider Pro also has easy grip zipper pulls and an oversize putter well.

Overall, this bag from Datrek Golf is a great cart bag with a cooler pocket for convenient storage of drinks or snacks. If you don’t mind paying the additional money for this bag, it is a great option compared to the other bags for riding.

Datrek Transit Cart Bag


  • Wheels on the bottom make it easy to transport

  • 8 pockets

  • Retractable handle for pushing


  • Most expensive bag

  • Heaviest weight

  • Doesn’t have straps to carry

Datrek Transit Cart Bag

Now we jump into the final bag of our review, the Transit Cart Bag. When I first saw this bag, it reminded me straight away of a suitcase. It has wheels on the bottom that make it easy to roll rather than carry.

It also has an additional pocket compared to the others, which gives you more room for storage and includes an insulated drink compartment. To make it easier to wheel this cart bag it includes a retractable handle on the top.

While having a golf bag with wheels seems unique, it does come with a price. The Transit cart bag is the most expensive option offered by Datrek Golf, and it is also the heaviest.

The heavy weight does not matter too much, as it this bag does not have a strap to carry it with. The Transit can only be pushed/pulled, or carried by the handles.

Additional features of the Transit cart bag

The bag includes everything listed in the previous bags, except it has 14 full length dividers, not 15. It must be said that this bag is quite unique and would stand out on the course. If you were to choose to walk with it, the Transit cart bag is essentially a push cart/bag hybrid.

Final Thoughts

Datrek golf bags offer great advantages compared to other bags. Whether you are looking for a great option to fit on a golf cart or a comfortable bag to carry around the course, All 5 of these bags will fit your needs. Compared to competitors, the Datrek Golf bags are much lower priced and provide quality that will fit most budgets.

If a lightweight bag that you can carry with ease is a priority, then I’d recommend the Carry Lite stand bag. On the other hand, if you’re seeking a sturdy cart bag, I’d go with the Lite Rider Pro.

I hope these reviews help you find the right bag to compliment your game! Leave a comment down below if you have any questions or recommendations on what I should cover next!

Happy hitting!


1. Which bag is the cheapest?

The DG Lite II cart bag is the cheapest option offered by Datrek.

2. Which bag is the most expensive?

The Transit cart bag is the most expensive bag released by Datrek.

3. Which bag is the lighest?

The lightest bag offered would be the Carry Lite stand bag, weighing in just under 4 lbs.

4. Which bag is the heaviest?

The heaviest bag would be the Transit cart bag, with a weight of 7.4 lbs.

5. Which bag is best for riding?

The best bag for riding or pushing a cart would be the Datrek Lite Rider Pro cart bag.

6. Which bag is best for walking?

For the best bag for walking, we’ve chosen the lightweight Carry Lite stand bag.

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