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Cobra LTDx Irons Review

Cobra LTDx and LTDx One Length Iron

Cobra has always been known for delivering quality golf clubs with great sound and feel. In addition, they are notorious for producing more forgiveness than most.

With the Cobra LTDx irons, they have once again created an iron set that will help you improve your game and inspire confidence.

If you’re a high handicapper in need of some game improvement irons, keep reading to find out more about the Cobra King LTDx iron set, along with where to find the best prices.

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LTDx Iron Toe

Where to buy the Cobra LTDx Irons

Worldwide Golf Shops

The Golf Warehouse

Features of the Cobra LTDx Irons

PWR COR Technology

Cobra’s PWR COR weighting system has successfully delivered increased ball speeds in the past, and they have included it in the LTDx irons as well.

This weighting system utilizes a steel core bar that is held in place by a lightweight polymer. It results in a low CG that is set back in the club, which helps reduce spin and creates a higher launch.

Less spin and a high launch angle both increase your distance, so combining them results in even more distance.

On top of those two elements, the floating steel core bar creates maximum ball speed, taking your distance to another level.

PWR Shell Face Technology

Just like the PWR COR technology, the PWR Shell feature results in increased ball speed and higher launch.

By using a thin, yet strong stainless steel, the Cobra LTDx irons face design promotes more flex, resulting in better speed at contact.

The LTDx irons also have better face deflection when compared to the previous Radspeed iron set, providing faster ball speeds and helping you obtain a higher launch angle.

It is common for high handicappers to struggle with generating the swing and ball speed needed to hit consistent shots, but the PWR and COR technologies will help get your speed up and increase your carry distance.

CNC Milled Face and Grooves

The CNC Milled Face and Grooves results in a great spin rate that will help your on course performance. They are designed to improve your accuracy and provide even more forgiveness.

Due to the ideal spin that the Cobra LTDx irons produce, it makes holding greens much easier.

Not only do you have more accuracy when using this iron set, you also get a spin rate that will stop the ball on the green.

It’s also important to note that the Cobra LTDx iron set has a larger thin area on the clubface, and this provides a larger sweet spot with more speed across the face.

High MOI Design

In golf, a high MOI means the club twists less at impact, which in return has better forgiveness.

Cobra has designed the LTDx irons with more mass in the heel and toe of the clubhead, which increases the MOI.

This high MOI will provide you with better stability and control over your shots while obtaining maximum distance.

Optional One Length Design

LTDx One Length Iron
LTDx One Length Toe
LTDx One Length Overview

One of Cobra’s most infamous features is their one length clubs. Most Cobra irons have the option to make every shaft in the set the same length as the 7-iron, which can help you improve your consistency.

One length irons are a great option for players who struggle to hit their longer irons and want a solution for their problem.

LTDx Iron Overview

Pros & Cons



  • Very forgiving

The Cobra King LTDx irons provide plenty of forgiveness, making it easy to hit consistent shots with a great ball flight.

When you’re able to swing the club effortlessly, it’ll immensely boost your confident, which is what game improvement irons are all about.

  • Strong lofts for added distance

If you’re looking for some more yards on your shots, the strong lofts will help accomplish this. Your long irons will go longer, and so will your short irons.

  • High MOI and low CG

The high MOI of these Cobra irons also help to provide more forgiveness on every shot, no matter where you are in the fairway.

Along with the high MOI, the new Cobra LTDx irons also offer a low CG. This causes the ball to launch high in the air, as well as produce low spin.

This will help you gain the accuracy you need, as well as the ball speed you need to increase your distance.

  • Inspire confidence

The Cobra King LTDx iron set will help you become incredibly confident on the course. Not only do they provide great results, they also have a great sound and feel.

The soft polymer injected casing and optimized hitting zone will help every ball strike feel and sound amazing, along with a nice clean turf interaction when taking a divot.

Whether you’re faced with a long iron shot into the green or a knock down pitching wedge, the LTDx irons will help you feel capable from anywhere.

  • Less shot shaping ability

As far as negatives go for the new Cobra LTDx irons, there isn’t much to complain about besides the inability to shape your shots and potential gaps in your distance.

Don’t get me wrong, having a consistent ball flight that is straight as an arrow is great, but there will be occasions when you need to hit a different type of shot.

For example, you could be in the middle of some trees and need to hit a draw out of there to have any chance on this hole.

Doing this would be more difficult with these irons because they are built to offer forgiveness on every shot and keep the ball straight in the air.

  • Possible distance gaps

Due to the loft settings of these irons, you could also notice some larger distance gaps between clubs. You could easily get stuck trying to decide between smashing a 7-iron or playing a light 6-iron.

Although it is most certainly not impossible, this could make it more difficult to hit a shot that is in between two clubs.


LTDx iron lofts

Since this is a game improvement iron set, the lofts of the new Cobra LTDx irons are very aggressive and are destined to increase your distances.

The 4-iron starts at 18.5° , and the loft goes all the way up to 54.0° on the sand wedge.

The lofts of these clubs are more spread out, and as discussed above this could cause a little trouble for golfers, especially with the scoring irons.

Stepping up onto a tee box on a par 3 can be intimidating within itself, and being unsure about which club you are going to use won’t help.

However, the Cobra LTDx will undoubtedly help you hit your irons farther.

LTDx Iron Toe

Stock Shafts and Grip

Believe it or not, the shaft of your golf club can cause a lot of damage to your performance on the course.

If you have a shaft which is too stiff for your swing speed, it’ll cause a lot more shanks, along with slices and a consistently poor ball flight.

If you have a swing speed that is slower than 95 mph it is recommended to use a regular flex shaft.

On the other hand, if your swing speed is faster than this you can choose between a regular or stiff flex.

It has been proven that a fast swing speed isn’t affected by a regular or stiff flex shaft, so it comes down to personal preferences.

This is why some Tour Pros are still using regular flexes despite their fast speeds.

If you are a senior player, they also make lite shafts that have more flexibility than regular.

Cobra offer a stock graphite shaft and a stock steel shaft, and this is a decision that you can make personally based on your preference.

Here are the stock shaft options for the Cobra King LTDx irons:

  • Steel KBS Tour 90 – Flex: Regular, Stiff

  • Graphite KBS PGI 85 – Flex: Stiff

  • Graphite KBS PGI 75 – Flex: Regular

  • Graphite KBS PGI 65 – Flex: Lite

Having the right grip is also important to help you feel confident and comfortable when holding the club over the ball.

The stock grip is the standard Lamkin Crossline, however you can choose from a variety of options (some which cost extra money).

Who should use the new Cobra LTDx irons?

The new LTDx irons have great forgiveness and are designed to easily get the ball high in the air. With this being said, the King LTDx irons are great for golfers who have a higher handicap and struggle with consistency.

This iron set has a very large sweet spot across the face, helping to provide a straighter ball flight on mishits.


If you’re not feeling so sure about these irons, you could always try out the previous Radspeed irons. This iron set was a part of Cobra’s prior lineup, and these irons have very similar features to the Cobra King LTDx irons.

Another great option would be the Callaway Rogue ST Max irons. This game improvement iron set does everything the King LTDx iron set does and will help improve your accuracy and distance.

You might be reading this as a more advanced player with a lower handicap, and if that is the case you might want to check out the Cobra King Forged Tec irons.

This bladed set is less forgiving than the new King LTDx iron set, but it offers great shot shaping ability for skilled golfers that want control over their irons.

LTDx Iron Clubface

Final Thoughts

The Cobra LTDx irons are great new irons that are sure to help improve your on course performance and confidence. The extreme forgiveness and high launch will help you get the ball in the air and find more greens.

Not to mention, this iron set also has a slick appearance. The carbon fiber topline and chrome finish is sure to inspire confidence for golfers that stand over the ball with this club.

The one length feature is something to look into if you find it harder to make consistent impact with your long irons.

I hope you enjoyed our new Cobra LTDx irons review and thanks for reading! Feel free to leave a comment or contact us if you have any questions or suggestions!


Is the Cobra LTDx forgiving?

The Cobra LTDx iron set is very forgiving and promises better accuracy with greater distances. This set of irons has a larger sweet spot, making inconsistent impact less harmful.

Are Cobra LTDx irons forged?

The Cobra LTDx irons are not forged, however the Cobra King Forged Tec irons set is.

Which Cobra irons are most forgiving?

In 2022, the Cobra LTDx irons are the most forgiving release that promise to help you improve on the course.

When did Cobra LTDx irons come out?

The Cobra LTDx irons came out in February 2022, making them some of the best new irons of 2022.

Is LTDx better than Radspeed?

By using the Radspeed design from 2021, Cobra Golf was able to build on their already impressive release, taking the LTDx iron set to a new level.

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