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Elevate Your Game with Cobra Air-X Irons: Our Honest Review

Cobra Air X iron and clubface

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Are you in the market for a new set of irons? If so, it might be worth checking out the Cobra Air-X irons.

These irons are designed to help you get a higher launch and get the ball airborne. This can be a common struggle if you’re a beginner and high handicapper, and choosing this iron set might be the best option for you.

Keep reading to find out more about this iron set, as well as the best prices for the Cobra Air-X irons!

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Features of the Cobra Air-X irons

Exteremely lightweight design

The Cobra Air-X irons have a significantly lighter weight than most irons. Having a super lightweight design allows for a faster swing speed.

Low to moderate swing speeds can struggle to launch the ball, which will cost you some distance. Having a lightweight iron set will help increase your clubhead speed and cause you to achieve more ball speed.

In return, this will help you gain more distance and more speed in every area of your game.

Having a lower swing weight will most certainly help slow swingers gain effortless launch and speed, and this is exactly what the Cobra Air-X irons offer.

Super game improvement iron

Game improvement irons are designed to help a beginner or high handicapper gain consistent shots and build a confident swing. 

The new Cobra Air-X iron set truly falls under the super game improvement category, making them a great fit for most golfers, and even some mid handicappers.

Most game improvement iron sets have very strong lofts to help you gain more distance, however the Air-X irons actually have weaker lofts.

While this set might not offer you as much distance as other game improvement irons, the weak loft design will make it ten times easier to launch the ball in the air.

Maximum forgiveness on mishits

The Cobra Air-X irons have an incredibly forgiving face. From heel to toe these clubs are designed to maximize ball speed and keep your shots flying longer and straighter.

Most high handicappers can only dream of consistently straighter shots, but the Air-X irons will help that become a reality.

The cavity back is also another feature that will provide forgiveness. Rather than a bladed design which offers zero forgiveness on mishits, the cavity back and wide sole design of the Cobra Air-X irons will help every shot to fly further and straighter, no matter where you made contact.

Offset hosel

An offset hosel is another important feature for forgiveness. Compared to a straight neck model, this hosel will help to eliminate slices while playing golf, and this is something that high handicappers and beginners struggle with immensely.

Draw bias in golf clubs will provide ultimate slice-fighting power, and this helps you to hit straighter shots. When you are having a hard time shaking off a slice, some of the best irons for you would be ones with draw bias.

A slower swinger can also struggle with this as well. This just once again proves that the Cobra Air-X irons really are made to help slow and moderate swing speeds elevate their performance on the course.

Combo sets

The Cobra Air-X irons also offer a combo set. Combo sets are golf clubs that replace the two lowest irons with hybrids. This can be very beneficial for high handicappers for a couple of reasons.

First, hybrids are easier to hit than long irons. It makes it much easier to get a high launch from a farther distance, and this can help improve your accuracy and distance.

Second, is that a hybrid can also replace your fairway woods. A fairway wood can be very difficult to get off the ground, and this makes shots from 200+ yards nearly impossible for a beginner or high handicapper.

Mid handicappers and even low handicappers/pros sometimes favor a hybrid over fairway woods. They provide more forgiveness and better turf interaction, resulting in more accurate and confident shots.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to launch

  • Super forgiving

  • Increases swing speed

  • Cheaper than most irons


  • Less distance

  • Distance gaps between scoring irons


The Cobra Air-X irons are great overall for high handicappers. They are some of the easiest irons to launch on the market and will help you get the ball airborne, and having a higher launch will help increase your distance.

The light swing weight design is perfect for slower swingers who struggle to get an ideal swing speed. The weight savings from these irons will help you gain faster swing speeds, and this will in return increase your ball speed to achieve maximum carry distance.

The cavity back design and massive sweet spot will also provide maximum forgiveness on every shot. Cobra was able to design the Air-X irons to be very forgiving across the entire face, enabling you to have a better ball flight on every hit.

On top of the impressive performance of the Cobra Air-X irons, they are also cheaper than many irons that are offered today. This can be very helpful if you are on a budget or just trying to save some money.

While the weaker lofts are great for a high launch, they also take away some distance. However, this shouldn’t be too big of a concern. If you are a high handicapper, chances are you struggle to hit consistent shots with your irons.

Inconsistent accuracy causes you to lose distance within itself, so improving your accuracy will subsequently increase your distance.

So while the weaker lofts on paper cause you to lose distance with your irons, the better ball flight and consistent accuracy will help establish regular yardages you can count on.

Another concern about these clubs is the distance gaps with the short irons. The lofts of the higher irons will leave you trying to decide between what club to hit, and this could cause a lack of confidence and an uncomfortable swing.

Cobra Air X iron toe


The Cobra Air-X irons are modern irons with an appearance that reminds me of the Callaway Big Bertha irons. The carbon crown and two tone chrome plating compliment each other well and will help boost your confidence on the course.

Not only do these new irons offer impressive performance, but they also have a great style.


Cobra Air-X iron lofts

The Cobra Air-X irons loft’s range from 22 degrees to 55 degrees, with the 4-iron being the lowest lofted and the sand wedge being the highest. To put into perspective how much weaker these lofts are, most game improvement sets have a 4-iron with a loft of 18-19 degrees.

This weak loft design most certainly makes it easier to launch the golf ball in the air with your irons, but it does mean you lose a little distance. However, I think just about any golfer would rather a great ball flight with spot-on accuracy over a few extra yards.

My one concern is with the lofts of the short irons, as they are quite spread out. For example, the pitching wedge loft is 45 degrees, and the 9-iron is 40 degrees while the gap wedge is 50 degrees.

A large separation in lofts like these will lead to distance gaps, and this can make it harder to choose between clubs. You can very easily find yourself 130 yards and having to choose between hitting a very hard pitching wedge, or a soft 9-iron.

Having to alter your swing can easily cause a mishit, so having to play a half-shot with one club or a more than full shot with another is not ideal for high handicappers who are trying to gain some consistency.

Cobra Air X iron clubface

Stock shafts and grip

Many golfers don’t consider the impact that a shaft can have on your performance, and this can be a big reason why they feel like they’re improving.

If you have a slow swing speed (<95 mph), then it is important that you use a regular flex shaft. Having a stiff shaft which cause you to shank the ball very often, and when you get the ball flying straight, the flight will not be optimized.

So if your swing speed is under 95 mph, using a regular flex shaft will help you get the ball flight and consistency you need.

In regards to faster swing speeds, it doesn’t matter if you use a regular or stiff shaft. In fact, many pros still use a regular shaft despite their fast speeds. A great example of this is John Daly, who has only used a regular flex shaft throughout his career.

If you’re a senior golfer who has a slow swing speed, using a lite flex shaft would be preferrable. A lite flex is more flexible than a regular shaft, so it’ll fit your swing better and help you achieve more ball speed.

So if you’re swing speed is greater than 95 mph, the flex of your club’s shaft is dependent on your personal preference.

While talking about personal preference, choosing between steel shafts and graphite shafts is based on how you prefer your shots to feel. It generally won’t have a major influence on the results of your shots and will help boost your confidence more than anything.

Here are the stock shaft options for the Cobra Air-X irons:

  • Cobra FST Ultralite Steel – Flex: Regular; Stiff
  • Cobra Ultralite 50 – Flex: Regular, Stiff
  • Cobra Ultralite 45 – Flex: Lite

Choosing the right grip can help improve your confidence. Being able to have a lighter grip will help you swing more freely and see better results. The stock grip option for the Cobra Air-X iron set is the Lamkin REL Standard.

If this grip does not suit you, replacing your grips is always an option. It will cost you some money, but if it makes the clubs feel more comfortable in your hands, the investment might be worth it.

Who should use the Cobra Air-X irons?

The new Cobra Air-X irons is a great option for high handicappers and beginners. Golfers with less skill need more help generating swing speed that’ll result in longer and straighter shots, and these irons are perfect for this.

Although the more traditional lofts won’t help you obtain maximum carry distance with your irons, the Cobra Air-X irons offer incredible forgiveness that will keep you in play.

While most higher handicaps are always seeking more distance, it’s more important to have a higher launch with better accuracy, and the Cobra Air-X irons will provide that.


A couple alternatives to the Cobra Air-X irons would be the Callaway Rogue ST Max OS irons and Mizuno JPX 923 Hot Metal HL irons.

Both of these iron sets play very similarly to the Air-X irons. They have extreme forgiveness and promise straighter shots, as well as a faster swing speed.

Like the Air-X irons, they don’t offer the most maximum distance like other game improvement irons, but they are sure to help increase your accuracy consistency.

Final Thoughts

The Cobra Air-X irons are incredible clubs for beginners and high handicappers. They offer complete forgiveness from heel to toe and will help you find more greens and keep the ball in play.

They are not made to maximize distance with your irons, however the more traditional lofts will help launch the ball with every shot and help you generate the speed and spin you need to become a consistent player.

So while you’re sacrificing some distance, you’re gaining a lot more consistency, especially with clubs like your longer irons which are harder to hit.

Cobra was also able to achieve massive weight savings, so this gave them over two grams to strategically place throughout the clubhead to design a perfect MOI and CG.

The Cobra Air-X irons also have an appealing look to them, and features like the Carbon crown not only look good, but also make the irons grams lighter.

If you’re looking for a game improvement iron set to help lower your scores, I highly recommend the Cobra Air-X iron set. It has everything you need to drop your handicap and become confident with your irons.

If you are a lower handicap who is already consistent, then I’d suggest checking out an iron set like the Callaway Rogue ST Pro. An iron set like this one will allow you to shape your shots easily and maximize your performance.

Thanks for ready and I hope you enjoyed the review! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out in the comments or contact me.


1. Are Cobra Air-X irons good for high handicappers?

Cobra Air-X irons are great for high handicappers looking to shave off some unnecessary strokes. They offer plenty of forgiveness across the entire face to keep your shots flying straight and long, even on mishits.

2. When did Cobra Air-X irons come out?

Cobra Air-X irons came out in 2022, along with the Cobra LTDx and King Forged Tec iron sets. Out of the three, the Air-X irons are the best for a higher handicap player or beginner who is looking to give their accuracy a major boost.

3. What are Cobra's most forgiving irons?

Cobra’s most forgiving irons of 2022 would have to be the Air-X irons. They have a slightly weaker loft setting, so while you lose a little distance it becomes even easier to launch the ball and get the speed required to keep it straight down the fairway.

4. Which Cobra irons are best for high handicappers?

The best Cobra irons for high handicappers in 2022 would be either the Air-X irons or LTDx. Both sets offer major forgiveness on every shot and any contact, but the LTDx stronger lofts.

This means the LTDx irons will have longer distances, but the Air-X irons are easier to launch, making them more accurate. Choosing between these two sets comes down to whether you’d prefer distance or accuracy, however accuracy would certainly benefit you more.

5. Are Cobra irons good for beginners?

Cobra is known for designing very forgiving irons, and they haven’t stopped in 2022. The Cobra Air-X irons are great options for beginners who are looking to build a consistent swing.

The lightweight design helps build up swing speed, while the oversized face provides forgiveness from heel to toe.

The Cobra Air-X irons will definitely see an uptick in your accuracy, and you’ll become much more confident out on the course.

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