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Best golf drivers for new and beginner golfers

You’ve never played a round of golf in your life, but your boss just invited you out to the course and you can’t say no. Or maybe your friends have finally coerced you to give it a try. You are now in need of a set of clubs, and it’s time to pick out your driver. Keep reading to discover the best golf drivers for beginners

Great drivers for new golfers

The driver is a pivotal part of your game, and most often can make or break a hole. A fabulous drive straight down the fairway leaves you with an easy and desirable second. On the flip side, a slice into the woods forces you to either take a drop or hack it out of the trees. So what driver gives you the best chance for avoiding trouble off the tee?

As a new golfer, you will likely not understand how to properly swing a club. This typically results in most players coming over the top, opening the club face, and swinging out-to-in. Since you don’t have much control over this instinctive swing, it is necessary to find a driver that provides you as much help as possible. That’s when I introduce to you draw-bias drivers.

Draw bias drivers are life-savers for new players. Since you will be struggling to make consistent and correct contact, slices are inevitable. A driver with draw bias does well to eliminate the slice by shifting the center of gravity towards the heel. This creates a more in-to-out swing, helping you draw the golf ball off the tee.

Another important factor is loft. To help you get the ball off the tee, you should aim for a driver that has at least 10.5° of loft, but preferably 12°. This generates high launch off the tee and promotes a favorable ball flight, and every driver featured here will guarantee these two options.

Now let’s dive into the best driver options for you as a beginner.

Cobra LTDx Max Driver

Adjustable weights

Cobra LTDx MAX driver
Image Credit: Global Golf

The Cobra LTDx Max driver comes as one of the highest recommended drivers for beginners. Cobra has always been known for delivering incredibly forgiving drivers, and they haven’t dropped the ball here. They have strategically placed 10g of weight low and close to the face, reducing spin rates and creating fast ball speeds. Cobra managed to simultaneously decrease the weight of the LTDx Max, making it easier to swing and resulting in faster speeds.

Most importantly, Cobra has added two adjustable weights (3g and 10g) in the back and the heel for you to interchange. For most beginners, putting the heavier weight closer to the heel will help reduce a slice, so it is suggested to position the 10g weight on the heel for optimal draw bias.

TaylorMade Stealth HD Driver

Extremely lightweight

TaylorMade Stealth HD Driver
Best golf drivers for beginners
Image Credit: Global Golf

Following the LTDx Max is the TaylorMade Stealth HD driver, which is their newest draw-bias driver. It offers the highest launch and MOI out of the three Stealth Drivers and has a medium spin rate. What’s different about this driver is the carbon face. TaylorMade has truly stepped into a new age by removing titanium faces from their drivers. This has drastically dropped the weight of the clubs, leading to faster swing speeds and ball speeds. As always, TaylorMade has produced a highly forgiving club with a draw bias that’s perfect for beginners.

TaylorMade SIM2 Max D Driver

Forged ring construction

TaylorMade SIM2 Max D Driver
Best golf drivers for beginners
Image Credit: Global Golf

Next up is another TaylorMade driver, the SIM2 Max D. Even though it’s a year older than the Stealth HD, it is still reliable and promises great results. Plus, it is cheaper than most drivers on this list. What sets this driver apart is the completely redesigned structure of the driver. TaylorMade boasts “a lightweight and high strength aluminum that is precision milled” and “unites the critical components of the driver head into a single force.” (TaylorMade). This provides players with a wonderfully forgiving driver that unleashes distance off the tee. Combine these features with an inertia generator located close to the heel and you have yourself a powerful, draw-biased driver. 

If you’d like to read more about the SIM2 driver lineup, click here.

PING G425 SFT Driver

Fixed 23g weight

PING G425 SFT Driver
Best golf drivers for beginners
Image Credit: Global Golf

The PING G425 SFT driver is a part of PING’s newest line of releases. The G425 drivers are astounding options, and are typically cheaper than the likes of TaylorMade and Titleist. The SFT has great draw bias, thanks to a fixed 23g weight. Since it is located in the back and closer to the heel, the CG bends a swing shape in-to-out and helps you cancel out a slice. A light swingweight also makes it easier to swing the club, which is ideal for beginner golfers. 

Cobra King Radspeed XD Driver

Cheapest price

Cobra King Radspeed XD Driver
Best golf drivers for beginners
Image Credit: Global Golf

Although being a few years old, the Cobra King Radspeed XD driver is still a top choice for new golfers. Once again, it features a fixed weight in the heel to fight off a slice and has strategically positioned weights in the front and back to produce faster speeds, maximum forgiveness, and greater distance, and an oversized head size will make you feel more confident as you stand over the ball.

To make this club even better, the price is significantly lower than most drivers. Considering most beginners are seeking to minimize the amount they spend, the King Radspeed XD driver proves that it can still keep up with the new and improved models, while also saving your budget.

Callaway Rogue ST MAX D Driver

Maximum MOI

Callaway Rogue ST MAX driver
Image Credit: Global Golf

You can’t make a list of clubs to buy without including a Callaway driver. The Rogue ST Max D driver rounds up the list, and it does so in style. It uses a heel positioned weight to enhance its draw bias and profoundly reduces your chances of slicing on the tee box. It also includes “high MOI, a more upright lie, reduced face progression and a stretched profile at address.” (Callaway Golf). The generation of incredibly high MOI will naturally help any driver produce better shots, but this will enhance your game as a new golfer and give you encouragement at the start of every hole.


What type of driver should a beginner use?

Beginner golfers always struggle with slicing the ball for multiple reasons. To counter this, a draw-bias driver is a perfect fit for new golfers. It uses various mechanics to help fight off a slice as much as it can.

What is the easiest driver to hit for a beginner?

The easiest driver for a beginner to hit will have a high launch angle, high MOI, and maximum forgiveness. Therefore, using a driver with 10.5° or 12° of loft, increased ball speeds, low spin rates, and strategic weighting will help beginners benefit the most.

Should a beginner golfer use a driver?

Of course! Driver is a very important part of golf. It can help you chase birdies on short par 4s or reach the green in two on a par 5 and is an integral part of the sport. Your driver is an integral part of the sport and you should use it whenever practical.

How much should a beginner pay for a golf driver?

This question depends greatly on your budget. If you have the ability to splurge on a new driver, then go ahead and buy yourself the newest release! If you’re working with a restricted budget, you could always look for pre-owned drivers. Although they may not look nice and shiny, they still serve the same purpose.

What is the most forgiving driver?

The most forgiving driver will have a high MOI, launch angle, and low spin. To look at drivers with these qualities, click here.

Is a 12 degree driver good for beginners?

A 12 degree driver is excellent for beginners. The high loft helps you achieve an optimal launch angle. Many beginners struggle with getting the ball up in the air, and a 12 degree driver will help with this.

Should a beginner golfer use a stiff shaft/What flex should my driver be?

Beginner golfers will have slower swing speeds, so you will likely want to use a regular flex shaft. Stiff flex shafts are designed for players with fast swing speeds, which is why the pros typically have one. When you’re just starting out though, you’re best off with a regular flex shaft for your driver.

Is a 9.5 degree driver hard to hit?

As a new golfer, a 9.5 degree driver will be hard to hit. Loft this low is usually designed for advanced players who don’t need help launching the ball but are looking for increased distance. While you learn how to play golf, using a 10.5 degree or 12 degree driver will be easier to hit.

What is the best driver for an average golfer?

Considering the average golfer holds a handicap in the range of 20, a driver with incredible forgiveness is ideal. For great options, check out our best drivers for high handicappers review.

Golf can be a very frustrating sport. Everybody knows this, even the professionals. You could be over the moon after sinking a 30 foot putt, and just ten minutes later you’re ready to quit after yet another drive has found itself in the woods. As a beginner golfer, it’s so important to find a driver that keeps you in play and chasing birdies. I hope this review gives you relief in knowing that there is a fix for your slice and helps you find the driver best for you! 

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