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5 Benefits of Getting Fitted for Golf Clubs

Golf clubs

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Are you in the market for a new set of golf clubs? Do you want to improve your performance and accuracy on the course? If so, getting fitted for your golf clubs might be the answer. 

Professional club fitting is a specialized process that allows players to optimize their game with customized clubs tailored to their specific needs. Far from being an indulgence, plenty of avid golfers swear by this professional service—and they have good reason! 

Read on to discover just five of the potential benefits associated with a proper club fitting session.

Golf clubs

1. The clubs are made to fit your swing

The first benefit of getting fitted for your golf clubs is that they are tailored to your swing. A proper fitting will identify your strengths and weaknesses, and by using this information you can choose the right clubs.

For example, if the tests seem to show that you slice your clubs on most of your shots, then you may want to pick out clubs that have draw bias. By identifying what you’re doing right and wrong you can make a selection for clubs that fit you best.

2. Custom fittings can help you lower your scores

If you have an iron set that improves your weaknesses but enhances your strengths, you’re destined for lower scores. Taking the example above, when you step out on the course with your new set of draw bias irons you’ll notice straighter ball flights, and maybe even a draw. This will help you create more accurate shots and increase your greens in regulation.

3. Club fittings can help increase your distance

Everybody is constantly chasing farther distances, no matter what club they are using. If you received a club fitting, you’re likely going to take some extra steps in between shots.

By getting clubs that are fit for you and your tendencies, your swing can become more effortless and free-flowing, which will help generate more consistent shots, as well as better distance.

4. It can save you money

Going in for a club fitting could cost you an upfront fee and potentially require you to spend more money on the clubs that are best for you. However, if these clubs truly work miracles for you and complement your style of play, it’ll allow you to play them for longer. 

Rather than trading in often and gambling on a new set, you now have the option to stick with the fitted set that helped you find more birdies and lower scores.

5. You receive feedback from professionals

Although this is last on the list, it is most certainly not the least important benefit. Being able to receive feedback from professionals who have studied the game for years is priceless. 

They can make honest and accurate suggestions based on what they see, and it is then up to you how you utilize the information. 

Fitters understand that all golfers are different and will have the knowledge required to help you pick out the clubs that will benefit you the most.

Men shopping for golf clubs

Wrapping it up

Getting fitted for golf clubs has numerous benefits that stretch outside of what we covered, and they promise to help you improve your game. It doesn’t matter if you’re a high or low handicap. a professional fitting will give you insight into what will help you lower your scores, whether that means breaking 100 or breaking 70.

If you are on a budget or don’t feel like spending the money on a custom club fitting, you could always try online services like Global Golf’s USelect program. All you have to do is enter some information regarding your game and they will provide recommended clubs.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this article helped you make your decision on getting fitted!


What is the benefit of a golf fitting?

There are many benefits of a golf club fitting, as this service helps you find the clubs that are best for you. A custom fitting will allow professionals to analyze your swing and determine what you’re best at and what you can improve in. 

Based on the results, they can make suggestions for clubs that will help you improve your game and find lower scores.

How important is iron fitting?

While getting an iron fitting isn’t necessary, it can prove valuable when trying to improve your golf game. Having an iron set that is fitted to you will help you create more accurate and consistent shots, which in return will lower your scores and handicap.

Is golf iron fitting worth it?

A golf iron fitting is definitely worth the time and money. A professional iron fitting will determine what set will work best for you, and it could save you money down the road. 

If you’re happy with the clubs you have, there’ll be no need to get a new set, so you can use these clubs until the day they die.

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